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What are the essentials of PICO assignment nursing?

PICO is a process framework of evidence-based practice in nursing. It is an acronym for-

P- Patient, the population of problem


C-Comparison, comparator or control and

O- Outcomes

This can be applied universally in all fields of scientific research and study designs. But is widely popular in nursing for systematic reviews of literature in evidence-based practice.

Evidence-based practice is an important approach in the decision-making procedure of nursing where the decisions are well-informed and backed by critical thinking. It utilizes the learning experience from the personal growth of the nurse and combines it with statistically proven peer-reviewed evidence. The main aim here is to improve the healthcare system and optimize the safety of the patients while minimizing financial expenditures. To be able to implement effective PICO, the knowledge and the experience of the nurse, the preferences of the patients, and the existing body of knowledge on the topic should come together while making the care plan and decisions. This is the basics of PICO.

Our PICO Assignment Experts Describe PICO In Detail

As apparent, PICO assignments have four main elements that we need to focus on. When described in detail it consists of-

Problem- This is the research object. It might be a patient who we are conducting a case study of, a population in which we are conducting a population study or discussing public health issues or a particular problem, like the rise of vaping amongst teenagers, that is studied and discussed at length.

Intervention- The solution or theory is applied in this case. In the care of population study, a public health campaign might be launched. For a problem like diabetes, a better coping mechanism or treatment or care plan might be discussed. In the case of a patient, a treatment, medication, or care plan might be proposed.

Comparison- The proposed methods are compared with other alternative forms and theories and why they should not be applied in this case. Or the results are studied and find the most effective method suitable to the case at hand.

Outcome- The results of the case is generalized with the given parameters and extrapolated to similar cases wherever possible. These results will be the guiding light for the action that will be taken henceforth.

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PiCO Assessment In Which Our Writers Have Already Written Assignment By Using PICO System

NSG1NMA - Use of the PICO Framework HSBH3005 Evidence Based Health Care - Pico System
NSG2NMR Nursing and Midwifery 401383 Evidence in Health- PICO
401383 Evidence in Health PIOCO and Nursing Evidence Based Practice
NURS3002 Advanced Decision Making NURS3002 Clinical Practice
RMET6053-Assessment Answers RMET6053 - Research Methods Assessment
NURS 5052 Essentials of Evidence Based Practice NURS 6003 Academic Success
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How To Write A PICO Assignment?

If you are wondering how to do your PICIO assignment, here are some basic steps that you can follow as per our assignment providers-

  • Keep an open mind for inquiry- Questioning the existing form of nursing practices is the first step to applying PICO. Look at the existing body from a critical point of view and ask how you can improve that to get more effective results. You can discuss these ideas with your seniors and peers for more feedback.
  • Ask clinical questions- Here you have to follow PICO, step by step while scientifically framing your questions. Using PICO will bring out the exact question that you are trying to find answers to.
  • Search and collect evidence- For the sake of a robust system, the various sources of evidence have been divided into a level based on the reliability of these evidence sources. The most reliable, level 1 being systematic reviews and randomized control trials, and the least reliable, level 7, is expert opinions. The reason why expert opinions are counted as least reliable as they can have personal bias.
  • Critically appraise the evidence- Even after obtaining the evidence you need to evaluate it from a critical point of view. Try to find the pros and cons of this method from an objective perspective and question the validity of the results and the applicability of this method to your target object.
  • Integrate the evidence- You need to implement your findings in the case in hand to test its result. The care plan or the campaign should be monitored and its results recorded. The various parameters and obstacles in the implementation of this plan should also be noted as they might affect the result to differ from that of your study.
  • Evaluate the outcome- You need to evaluate and analyze the results that you have collected. Without assessing the outcome of your implementation, you cannot complete the PICO procedure.
  • Report your findings- The cycle will be complete when you report your findings for further analysis by future practitioners of PICO.

If you have doubts about the process you can contact our nursing assignment experts.

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Types Of Assignments Covered By PICO Assignment Writing Services

If you are confused as to how to go about doing your assignment and need some more help you can approach our professional experts on this topic. Our PICO assignment experts have delivered many assignments in different formats. So, no matter what you have in hand, our experts can help you out.

  • Position statements- This is an argumentative write-up that is based on an academic evaluation of a case with evidence-based research. This provides the perspective of the student on the topic at hand. Our assignment experts can help you write convincing position statements.
  • Clinical reasoning reports- These are stimulation-based cases where the students are assigned patients, populations, or problems in that they need to intervene and find the best solution. A clinical assessment is conducted keeping in mind the PICO steps. With our Assignment help, you can write top-of-class reports.
  • Reflective reports- This report is a journal of the clinical experience that you as a student nurse have in the clinic. This requires the student to reminisce and reflect on the actions that they have done while practicing and how they implemented PICO in practice. With our PICO assignment help, you can write the best reports.

You can discuss with our PICO assignment writer for whatever type of assignment you are assigned.

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